jueves, 30 de junio de 2011

1-She's eating salad
2-He's wachting tv
3-He's sleeping
4-He's working in the office

Practice your english

What’s the perfect gift?

What's my perfect gift?
My favorite gift is a Blackberry tablet.
Because I like the new technology
What's the perfect gift for my mother?
A car.
Because she likes to go out alone

What’s the perfect gift for Manuel?
 A new shoes
Because he loves shoes

My Room

In my room have a TV, a laptop, a bed, a dress and a lamp.

My favorite item in my room is my laptop because I love the technology
It's is a very nice room.

1.- TV
2.- Laptop
3.- Bed
4.- Dress
5.- lamp

Jorge Navarro
By: Dulce Navarro

Happy, funny, special, hardworking
Father of: Jorgenis and me
Who loves: God, work, sleep and travel
Who afraid: Toads, snake, crime, war
He wants to see my gaduation day

My father is the best :D

viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

Personals Data

Hello!! I`m Dulce, my full name is Dulce Amor Navarro Rojas, I`m born April/19th/1992. I`m 19 years old, my identity card number is 20.086.607. I´m single and I live with my father, my mother and my sister in Cabimas Municipality, Zulia state, Venezuela. My number phone is 0424 - 6427460. I go to Law school in The University Rafael Belloso Chacin.